2019: Two

Something that’s struck me recently is how countries around the world are organized in such wildly different fashions. I mean, of course there’s Government structures and Governance regimes – which are bound to differ, based on Historical Experiences, people in the country (and their preferences), political parties, etc. But I mean, just geographically. It’s so strange that territory within countries can be organized in such different fashions.

I mean – think about it. India decided after a while to reorganize on the basis of language. And granted, that’s made life a lot easier (because of the diversity we have in our country), but there are still demands from factions for different states. We got Telangana for example, there’s still a claim for Saurashtra being made, and a large reorganization of Maharashtra on the whole. All of these have different causes, but it all stems from this desire to be self-governing – and a lot of anger against incumbent decision-makers.

I’m curious about whether that’s true for other geographies as well. Whether, internally, there’s been reorganization in other European and African countries. How, and why that has happened.

Update: Did a quick Google.

Found this. A great starting point for African reorganization, if you will: http://exhibitions.nypl.org/africanaage/essay-colonization-of-africa.html

More soon.

Let me know what you think!

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