Laundry is getting increasingly difficult to do.

Personally, I maintain two bags of laundry. One, where I store laundry for the room – stuff that needs low maintenance that I need to think about a lot less. Two, where I store high maintenance laundry – those clothes that are so comfortable and nice that they demand you to wear them to class every morning when you see them in your cupboard. The clothes expect to be ironed and washed with fabric softener. And to be honest, they’re very comfortable so I’d do anything to extend the shelf-life.

I’m speaking from a position of privilege, and I’d like you to filter for that when I complain about things like having to do laundry on this blog.

Anyway, so laundry is becoming difficult to do because I’ve decided I have enough undergarments to last me two weeks (I understand this is tmi), and therefore I should put laundry cycles only once in 14 days.

Except, the irregularity of a 14 day cycle (in that you don’t really think about it until it rolls around), is that you end up without “nice” clothes at some point and end up going to class in a teeshirt that was given to you in Grade 9 where you were tiny (in comparison to now) and a pair of jeans.

Also, a vaster problem is that the bags begin to pile up.

Which takes up space in my room.




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