I’ve learnt that being organized is a skill that is either highly underrated, or overvalued based on whom you interact with. And eventually, that it’s time to understand that every person works differently.

Now, granted, working in a team with people who work differently is difficult. That’s the point at which you need to come up with a middle-ground and a set of principles you can agree to work with. Communication with respect to what works for people can often make the experience easier.

But it’s a lot more hurtful to chide someone who works differently and has a different attitude to their work than you do.

It’s useful in a way, because you can figure out what kind of people you’ll never be able to work with ever again. But not in any other manner.

Let people live their lives if they’re not harming you with their work ethic. If they are, try to figure out middle-grounds.



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