You know what the greatest feeling in the world is?

Receiving an unexpected parcel at University.

This could have been a tweet. Instead, it is a blogpost.

I think being away from home, gifts and surprises start actually surprising you a lot more than people can anticipate. Our University has a mailing thread that tells us when parcels have arrived for us – so we can go and collect them. Seeing my name on that makes me incredibly excited. For no reason whatsoever.

Actually there is reason.

You see, I really like food. And gifts. So every time I get a parcel, I imagine somebody has responded to a tweet where I request for (a) Cup Noodles, (b) Biscuits, or (c) Books. I make the walk to the warden’s office anticipating one of these three things.

Except I am met with an internship certificate.



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