I think Law school/Residential campuses have a phenomenal way of putting you in your place. And more often than not they do that by informing you, subtly, through societal interactions that there’s far more for you to learn than the information you are already aware of. Other times it’s by showing you that there’s a lot more to life than the view you possess – there are perspectives for you to consider, and alternate ways of spending your time, several different things to enjoy.

Now that I reconsider that terribly abstract statement I have written, it’s pretty fair to say that it’s applicable for every place in the world. Just, your general existence – at some point if you’re open-minded and curious, you’ll figure out that the world is just full of stuff waiting to be learnt.

On this premise, I think we often forget, with how busy our lives are, what the value of reading actually is. And it’s difficult – but there’s so much out there to read and re-read and learn from.

It’s fantastic.


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