Cancelled Classes

Ah, classes were cancelled today. The euphoria of that knowledge was far more than I anticipated. And the nostalgia trip I went on was also something that I didn’t expect. In my first year, classes were cancelled for 3 days because of the rains, and 2 days because of other unfortunate circumstances.

The rains finally provided a day off, the only thing I was genuinely looking forward to. I woke up to the news that classes were starting at 11, and then awoke at 10.15 to get ready, thankfully checking WhatsApp again & finding out this brilliant piece of news. Subsequently, I took a bath and went back to sleep, accomplishing nothing productive till after 2 pm. It was a truly great day.

Today, I read a book 3000 recommended to me, and honestly, it was one of the best decisions I made. I really enjoy the way people suggest books to you based on their interaction with you and their understanding of your preferences. First, it shows how much people care, but, second, I think people are brilliant judges of preferences – and that means you’re going to find books you love. Also, you get to understand the sort of things another person is interested in. Books and music, for me, are two examples of things that convey parts of a personality like very few other things can.

The book I read today was thankfully also coupled with a marvellous playlist I found on YouTube, one that provided brilliant accompaniment to a book I kept scrolling through on my laptop. For me, reading away is not a feeling I can compare to anything else. Each time I read a book, I’m blown away by how little I know. I’m also simultaneously blown away by all the creativity and the stories that exist in this world, stories that remain unspoken and creativity that isn’t tapped into because of societal pressures, amongst other things.

It’s rather sad.

The other wonderful thing about today was the time I spent with Shrek. Shrek is a rare breed. To the outside world, he’s this tough beast. Inside, he is a softie. Conversations with him are always wonderful ways to reflect upon decisions I’m taking and things I’m doing. In a competitive environment like Law school, having him around is a blessing. One day I will find a way to pay him back for all this comfort he’s able to provide just by listening to things I have to say and being receptive to new ideas I put across to him. The camaraderie of an Indian hostel is one that I don’t think you’ll find anywhere else. Maybe it’s the fact that we share toilets.

So here’s to you, Shrek. And to you, 3000.


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