Beds or Benches

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I fell asleep in class today. In just one class, but the first class of the year I have fallen asleep in. Which brings back several memories of countless posts which exist on this blog about the “falling asleep” syndrome, and my attempts to combat the feeling.

It’s been a month since I left Bengaluru for Gandhinagar, from when I swapped out my beanbag for my black chair, and the comfort of being the only one in my room for the comfort of having someone to return to the room to. It helps massively having a roommate, especially one who is outside the friends circle I usually hang out with, and one who always has stories to share. Looking back, it’s been an insane month – I’ve discovered feelings I had previously only read about, managed to read a whole lot (but not enough; never enough), and managed to get myself to the Gujarat High Court. These are particular highlights.

The month has also helped create opinions about each class I sit in. I’m very aware of the classes I will wake up for, and the classes I need someone to tell me to get to. One of my closest friends has had to head home for surgery (hope you don’t get fat, bro), which acts as extra motivation to get myself to class – he’ll need the notes as well. But with Professors who act like schoolteachers, it gets increasingly tough to pay attention.

It’s also been raining for 4 days continuously. I detest the rain – but what this weather has given me, for the first time, is an opportunity to unwind, and an excuse to cuddle up into my blanket and lie down – without regret. It’s excellent. I’m sleeping a lot more than I have before, a very healthy way to live, but I’m also very relaxed about things I’m doing in life. A far cry from the stress I took upon myself last semester.

Today marks 2 years since my first day in classes. It’s quite beautiful that it’s raining like this. My first day on the GNLU campus as a GNLU student was marred with rains – my mother left me as it began to pour, and as I felt a few tears form on my cheek & the song “Maa” from Taare Zameen Par play. As it rained, I asked my roommate if he’d accompany me to the MPS to help me buy a mattress. And together, we sprinted in the rain & got a mattress for me to sleep on.

It was also in this sort of torrential rain that I had my first college debate, the activity that has introduced me to my closest set of friends. Friends, I am the most comfortable with, because I know arguing with them is a daily exercise, and disagreeing is a passion they share as much as I do. It’s also the only activity at University where I have seen individuals change – from being reserved, to being outspoken, from having reservations, to being open-minded: because what debating does, is allow for creative, impromptu dialogue. And no other form of dialogue reveals the layers of experiences individuals hold to them.

Which reminds me, I should go prep. The blog is returning – I’ve finally managed to pen a piece about my daily thoughts & ramblings! Quite excited.

Thanks, as always, for reading.



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