Always stop and consider the effect of the words you use on other individuals. I can’t give you a large narrative about this takeaway from life. But it’s important for everyone to understand. Sometimes we forget about looking at things from other people’s lenses, and often that leads to us saying things that may hurt other people, or make them feel negative about themselves. While slip-ups in conversation do take place, and you can recognize and correct these slip-ups, sometimes people let you off the hook. They let you off the hook because they think it’s a one-time thing. It’s quite possible that that part of your life gets normalized, and its a situation you’d best try avoiding.

Often because, in the most extreme cases, I think a large part of not being considerate leads to uninformed public opinions you feel strongly about, some form of discrimination – whether casual/unintentional, or intentional. Or using words you don’t fully understand the connotations of. Words that remain in people’s memories long after they’ve left the confines of your tongue.

I guess it’s important to be considerate also because of the distance words can create, or the distance words have the ability to bridge. Over the course of the year, I’ve become more comfortable writing on this blog – even though I know my family members read it, because sometimes, it’s like the distance between Bengaluru and Gandhinagar doesn’t exist, or even that the distance between Dubai and Gandhinagar doesn’t exist. My parents are able to look at pieces I write and somehow, know what to say to me. If this is the effect of the written word, think about the effect of spoken words on individuals who you see face-to-face.

Use your words wisely. As humans, we’ve been smart enough to create languages. Use your words well. Use them not to hate, but to convince. Use them not to polarize, but to create dialogue. Incentivize people to not just listen to your bellowing voice, but to actually hear what you have to say. I think that’s important.

Also, in other news. I think a portion of this blog, or another blog may be in the works soon. A blog that charts my reading progress & offers literary opinion on things I read. Whether poetry or prose. Writing has been this great source of comfort in 2017. Reading is just something I love. Seeing if it’s something I can reasonably commit to. Also, an advantage of this is that I’ll be able to see the originality of thought and interpretation – and also get more discussion in on people’s ideas about what I’m presently reading. All of this is inspired by one of my newfound friends, one who’s presence I’m deeply grateful for. Long may our exchange of Literature continue, friend.

Bloody hell, it’s begun to rain again. Sometimes the unproductivity really gets to me.

Curdrice out.


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