Two discussions in two days,
On how scratches and bruises have,
Created tears and wounds that,
Haven’t clotted before you dropped.

And how,
In a matter of minutes,
The world has turned upside down,
Seconds stretching to years,
Free-falling into chaos.

What then?

The world may be spinning,
Tap your head,
Blink a couple of times,
And look at what’s around you.

If you’re falling,
Then you’ve been at the top, so,
Remember the birds’-eye view you got from up there,
And know that you got there yourself.

If you’re falling,
Look down at what you’re falling into,
Face it head on,
For you might be able to navigate yourself to a patch of grass,
And roll into a comfortable landing.

If you’re falling,
Then you haven’t hit the ground yet.


Use the time,
Maybe you’ll find a parachute in your bagpack,
Or others falling, who’ve fallen for you,

With an outstretched, helping hand.





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