Today, one of my friends left Bangalore for Bombay, and watching him drive off in the distance in his Etios Uber cab, I felt like an adult who had taken time off for a holiday and had to return to work soon.

It was a pathetic feeling, because my brain did this thing where it sped past the time-space continuum into the future and imagined 3 of us hanging out in our mid-30’s.

My mood brightened instantly at the thought of my upcoming internship, however – because I promptly returned to reality, and the realization that I didn’t have a job to go to (yet!). And that’s great (for now!), because I’m not tied down to doing anything. I’m pretty sure my opinion on this will change in a year or two, or some time in the future, but I’d like this sentence to remain on this blog – solely so I can read back and remember what I thought of things as a 19-year old.

News of an internship is often great. I’m of the opinion that your internships really enable you to see Law come to life – and you learn so much about working with a diverse set of individuals. You develop skills that will last you a lifetime, even your experience ends up being one you wouldn’t recommend to others.

I went to Delhi for the first time during my last break, and being in Delhi taught me a bit more about being independent, getting along with people who have different tastes, and putting up with pressures at the workplace – trying to dissociate these pressures from your outside life. Having a bad day at the office shouldn’t translate to having a bad evening or night at home, and that’s something I appreciated in Delhi.

I’m looking forward to what I’m going to get out of this internship. I’m not entirely certain about the path it will take (for I am not a yogi or a mystic), but I’m sure that I will learn a new branch of Law, and get to meet individuals that I haven’t met before. Which means I’ll get to have new conversations, learn about more life experiences, and generally take-away a bunch of information that I can construct a better opinion on things with.

I’d do anything for those sort of things.

During my first internship in Bangalore, I came home every evening and spent time explaining what I learnt during the day to my grandparents – and they were so fascinated by the stuff I said. Even when my days became monotonous. And that kept me going, because I wondered why I was no longer fascinated by the opportunities I was being presented with, and I had to work hard to get an experience that was story-telling worthy.

Finding things like those – small bits of motivation, really, really helps.

The next month will present a lot of challenges, I’m hoping, and I’m hoping to just grow as an individual (without putting on too much weight).

Bloody calories man, they’re everywhere. Wish I could just burn and destroy them (good wordplay no?)

I return to Whitefield tomorrow – I was in Jayanagar this evening. Which means I must rest for my cross-city trekking adventure. And check that I have my Whitefield visa, and enough money to pay imaginary toll as I cross the city limits to go to Bangalore rural.

Urbanization man,

What a pain.


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