This semester I became more introverted as an individual. I reckon life does that to you at some point – an instant, or perhaps a series of events, that leave you wanting and desiring your own space, separate from your social identity. Craving that feeling, I took time out to eat meals alone, read, sleep, find music, write, and generally get back to things I did back in Grade 12 that I missed in my daily schedule in college.

It was good while it lasted. But throughout, I wrote extensively on this blog about how I faced a disconnect from school friends. I further went on to philosophize and unnecessarily theorize my feelings, I feel.

What I honestly discovered over those months, where I attended class, read, and slept (not enough), was the core part of my identity that school forms. And how much I miss it. It’s only when you’re back in your city – with a group of your friends, that you’re able to recollect things that made life fun. Today was that day. At lunch, with school batchmates, and at dinner, with school seniors.

Crushes, random moments of hilarity, the absurdities of faculty, and the fact that you ‘survived’ seeing each other for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for years. Remembering those things is nice, once in a while. At the same time observing how you’ve each grown past those years –  what University has taught each person, the different experiences you’ve had. It’s a lovely feeling.

What that also enables, however, is in discovering your own value/belief system. I found myself in a minority quite often at school, and still do, to this day. While trading tales, cracking jokes, and discussing voting patterns (yes, we did), you figure out things you believe in more that others.

Chuck all this serious stuff though. The fun part of this entire thing has been watching Stand-Up Specials on Amazon Prime Video. I’m not being paid for this (though there’s a fair argument to be made that I should be), but they are fantastic.

One, what a brilliant move by Amazon Prime Video. Getting all the stand-up comedians to their network, releasing specials weekly. Quite nice, I must say. Attracts youth. I’m considering buying a subscription past my free trial maybe.

But, two, so much to learn from these stand-up comics’ sense of humour. The way they structure each piece, each joke, and the segue from one joke to another (which Biswa ignores by calling these Jokes without Friends).

You should also watch Journey of A Joke – a series by Abish Mathew.

It’s all so exciting.

I think I’ll try an open mic night.

Take a Frooti up on stage.

And belt out bad puns.

Avoid the tomatoes that will be thrown at me.

And run off stage.


Let me know what you think!

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