University spoils us. It’s a sentiment I didn’t feel until I got home, and back to some form of structured responsibility. At University, you’re independent – and you become resourceful, but facilities enable you to forget about small worries. Water will always be there in the hostels. If not, there’s a mail sent to you about when the water cut is scheduled. And it’s very manageable. The Internet is always high-speed, for research (and football streaming) purposes. The Library’s A/C rarely fails – and everyone complains, but someone else at University fixes it. The room is cleaned by someone. There’s a Washing Machine on campus. Someone to iron your clothes.

The cabs come straight to the Boys Hostel Gate, and there’s a Provisional Store on campus that has everything you need to live comfortably.

You don’t even have to wash any dishes!

What more do you want?

Your electric points don’t work in your room, you can call someone to fix that.

That’s not true at home. I think in that sense, I have a lot, I’ve learned today, in a moment of introspection – where I was horribly pissed at how the power kept fluctuating – to be grateful for. So much.

So, so much.

For everything that makes my life more comfortable, for all the little luxuries my atmosphere provides to make learning more enjoyable. There’s a need to express that sentiment more in today’s world. That’s a goal I’m carrying forward to third-year – just be more grateful for everything I have in University. Thank people more than I do today.

My dad is the handyman/resourceperson at home. While I’ve picked up on a few skills of his, there’s no one who can get work done the way he can. But it’s tough to work under his monitoring – only because he’s very strict with the process and the outcome he expects. I’m the beneficiary of all this. Thanks for restoring the house to a lot of normalcy, Appa.

I also hope to help out more at home now. I think I did a decent amount of chores as a child, but there’s more to do to help restore balance here.

Clean up here and there, perhaps. Let’s see what the summer brings.

But first, I’ll have to get off my insanely comfortable beanbag. Ah, how I’ve missed you.



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