8 days since I last typed out a sentence on the internet, and my brain seems to have forgotten how to write a coherent sentence. On that note, I bid adieu to fulfilling my New Years’ Resolution of writing daily, but say hello to trying to write every day. And inject some more humour into my writing. And yes, that is the correct way to spell humour.

Today was the first day I had very little flowing through my brain in terms of deadlines, or work, or a checklist. My phone didn’t buzz once through the day, and I barely messaged anyone about work-related things. It felt extremely relieving, knowing that I didn’t have anything to do – so I could chill and take some down-time for myself, but at the same time, I was ridiculously confused.

I wasn’t sure what to do with this newfound time. Apart from reading, and maybe watching some episodes of a show, and maybe playing some FIFA. That exhausted my list.

That realization was a pretty tough one. I think what hit me today was that I came to law school and started living a ‘law school life’ so much, that I lost my ‘life’ outside of law school. In terms of how much you can divest and split yourself up from the place you live in and the profession you’re working toward.

I’ve blogged about the work/life balance I’m striving to work toward before, but, it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I think a lot of it is also because a majority of my social circle today is in law school, and I interact with them on a daily basis. Which means I need to get a different circle that has no clue about the law and can keep me in touch with the real world.

In other news, today, my cousin (I think?) sent me an integration problem. The (I think?) needs no explanation apart from the fact that in a South Indian community, everyone is related to everyone. So this person and I are cousins on one side of the family (albeit distant), and on the other side, I think we’re in different generations. Which is odd.

Anyway, that defeats the purpose of this story.

I got the sum and erased my white board and got down to work. Used identities I remembered and all. And after about 20 minutes, I gave up big-time. I texted her a couple of sad-face emojis, which accurately depicted my emotions at the time.

I miss Math.

I loved my Sciences and Math. To think that I haven’t solved a sum in nearly 2 years is startling, because I couldn’t and can’t imagine my life and the logic I’ve learnt without the subject. My fondest memories from school (pertaining to studies) come from Math class.

I remember this time my dad scolded my in the 7th Grade the night before my final exam because I couldn’t solve fractions. I didn’t understand them at all, and they confused me to no end. I spent that night with both my parents trying to explain the difference between adding fractions and multiplying fractions, while I wailed at my stupidity. I haven’t forgotten how to do these operations since that day.

What sucks about having chosen the Law is that a lot of my past studies find no daily application. Two disclaimers to that statement: This does not mean they were useless, nor does it mean that I don’t like the Law any more. But, I do wish there was some way for me to take courses in Science and Math – Applied Math and Chemistry especially, while studying the Law.

In my brain, this started a whole conversation about the things I would love to study if I wasn’t restricted by time: Literature, History, Economics, Philosophy, for example. I figure the only other way to do this is to read a variety of books – instead of one particular genre.

So my 52 in 52 challenge is going to get a few tweaks now.

More tomorrow. Buzz me @tejasrao11 on twitter if you want to have a fun conversation!

And Happy Valentines’ Day, everyone. Lots of love to everyone.

Cute Valentines’ Day tales on the blog tomorrow. Do read.


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