Valentine’s Day is a day of happiness, and for me, it’s come to signify a lot more than being a day about couples and other such related things.

I think all of this started a while back. My earliest memories are of my dad getting flowers for my mother. When dad moved, first to Bangalore, and then to Dubai, I never thought the tradition would continue. But technology and the ability to order flowers from anywhere means that on the 14th of February, dad was always present in spirit, with flowers and a note.

I’ve stopped overthinking things off-late, but my brain remembers a lot of small details.

One of these early Valentine’s Day memories is from when I was around 6 or 7. The Bear Factory had recently opened up in Dubai. I was allergic to fur as a young child – it used to aggravate, or cause a wheezing attack, so most fur toys were off-limits. Till this one Valentine’s Day, where my dad bought my mother a really big pink bear with a I ❤ you t-shirt.

To ensure I wasn’t left out, he bought me a stuffed dog. I named it Poochie. I don’t know why, or but the name stuck. For a few years, Poochie took on a life of his own. My paternal grandmother knit clothes for him, and I slept with him every single night. I even took him on my travels to India once.

Poochie symbolized Valentine’s Day for me, and retains a spot on my bed at home. Will not let go of that gift, thanks dad.

Coming to why I do not believe that Valentine’s Day is purely a day for couples.

It’s pretty simple. My relationship status all of my life has been: Single.

And therefore, instead of crudely criticizing or getting annoyed at displays of affection on Valentine’s Day, or voicing displeasure and sadness at being single, I treat myself to small things. Chocolates, maybe.

This is something I started only after I moved to college, but it was a thought I had in school.

I’m also a romantic at heart, so seeing displays of affection makes me happy, rather than jealous or sad. Would do displays of affection multiple times, even if it brought out no reciprocity. 🙂 It’s a good feeling to make other people happy.

The other great thing is that very few people are angry on Valentine’s Day. Which is beautiful in general. Because that means fewer people screaming about things irrationally, or fighting about petty things. It’s a lovely day to reconnect with old friends, or rekindle old flames. And there’s nothing weird about wishing your friends a Happy Valentine’s Day. Shows that you care about them a lot more.

Also, observation from today: All male professors I interacted with were wearing pink shirts.

Lastly, before I leave. I think everyone’s got something to love and be thankful for. Today’s just a good day for that. Reminds people about the good out there in the world – something we need a lot more of, considering recent events.



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