MT Week 3: Day 6

This afternoon, I went out for lunch with an undergraduate Law student at the University, someone I’m working with as a part of Decolonize Law Cambridge to discuss work and other things. Over the course of our conversation, he brought my attention back to this blog and it was at that point that I realized that I didn’t write all week after Monday. For all the talk about recording every impression this place makes on my mind, I was upset with myself for not actually following through on it. Particularly because I heard about this Theatre teacher in Singapore who has been doing something very similar to what I do since Blogspot came about (which is a while ago on the blogosphere now). I got back home and told myself, that’s it, I’m going to spend the entire evening writing – and churn out six quality pieces about the week that’s gone by. One essay in though, it felt pointless. The day’s past, and I feel like I’d be dishonest to myself and to anybody reading the blog in saying I wrote this on that day. Although I journal and take notes everyday to help me fill in gaps where I’m unable to blog, the conversion of those thoughts into concrete sentences just never feels as raw as writing observations on the day of events feels.

Henceforth, therefore, I shall strive not to miss days – because I don’t want to. If I do however, I’m not going to strap-together or plaster-together a string of posts that act as observations from the week. I think I’ve been doing a lot of that because of my own obsession with completion and counting, but someone pointed that out to me as a character trait of mine last week and I was very amused with myself. I’m legitimately obsessed with numbers – because they never lie, yet in my case, I’ve been using them to further the notion that I am a daily blogger.

I’m a blogger, a writer. Daily-ness happens frequently.

The rest of the evening went in a secret project that may be revealed to the world some time in the future, some music, readings & work. We’ve just discovered we’re going to be on lockdown beginning Thursday all through to December the 2nd, which is just 4 weeks. I hope this helps contain the spread of the coronavirus – it would be very difficult to the NHS and for hospitals here to have several patients to tend to. I need to use this week to figure out a regime that replaces all the sport I’ve been doing in the past couple of weeks with some other forms of fitness. Maybe I’ll do hockey drills on the Common – we shall see.


Let me know what you think!

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