MT Week 3: Day 2

I woke up in amazement of everything that had transpired last evening. I wrote about pinch me moments, and it feels like I want to hold on to every single moment of every single day and let it linger in my memory palace.

A morning lecture and then I was done for the day, free to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening on readings for tomorrow’s interactive session. A quick trip to the bank and I got back home and had the opportunity to eat pancakes at home with my housemates, a treat that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I should explain my living situation. I’m a paying guest in a house – so I live with a family. The house is always a lovely environment to stay in because it’s rarely empty. There’s atleast one person at home most times of the day. It’s great to come home to that, and to pop down into the kitchen for conversations whenever I’m taking a break – for moments like this evening’s pancake adventure of course.

I’m not singing Chapel Choir this weekend, but we just received an e-mail from our Chapel Music Director with recordings from last week and I can identify moments within those recordings where I wasn’t confident of the sound that would come from my mouth so I’m quieter and suddenly I get louder when I don’t necessarily need to. This weekend I’ll be practicing music for the Symphony Chorus, and hopefully all the practice gives me the confidence to trust my vocal chords once more. I know I’ve written this before, but I’d like to be as free as I was when I was a child. It was just my parents that thought I sang well initially, and that gave me the liberty to explore singing to my heart’s content. I’d like to do that of my own accord once more.

Let me know what you think!

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