2019: Two Hundred and Ninety Seven

I’ve slept through most of today, genuinely. Tomorrow’s exam portion does not look intimidating, and for most of us in the fifth year, I feel like the exams are something we’re done with. I don’t think anybody feels like studying for tomorrow’s paper at all. The subject is also something that has limited objective content, and a vast amount of subjective application to normal content – which gives us the freedom to figure stuff out as the paper goes on.

That gave me the confidence to sleep in.

Today’s UNO Day. My roommate woke me up (or tried to) by reminding me about this fact. He cheerfully said that one day he’d like to see me celebrating it at the UNHQ.

It’s the smallest acts of kindness that remind you what to anchor yourself to. They sort of reinforce who you are and what your goals are – and the kind of person you want to be. That kept me going today, and it’s the random act of kindness I’m most grateful for.

Let me know what you think!

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