2019: Two Hundred and Ninety Eight

Another one bites the dust. I have to get through one more semester and I will be a B.A.,LL.B. (Hons.) graduate. Time really does fly.

This isn’t a post for nostalgia though. Next April and May will see a lot of that, don’t you worry. This is a post for reflection.

This has been by far the toughest semester I’ve experienced on campus at my University. I lost several things, gained several things. I took a bit of a hit professionally that got to me. Took a personal hit that’s gotten to me as well. The gains I’ve had from these experiences thus far have been immense. Today, I’m just grateful for the learning curve and the amount of time I’ve had to reflect about myself. It’s been a challenging semester, but I pushed through it day after day, and my reward has arrived – a two-month holiday and some time with my grandparents and my family.

As I stepped out of the exam hall in the evening and headed back to the Boys Hostel, I noticed a lot of cars and cabs waiting to pick people up – people who had their flights scheduled. A lot of goodbyes were said, a lot of wishes were wished, and for a while, time seemed to pause. When I walked past these scenes, all I noticed was the eagerness to get away for a while. To go home. To get to that internship. To go back to old friends and fond memories. To spend some time away and come back to the people you spend 24 hours a day seeing.

Around 9pm I noticed the hostel was empty.

That quiet gave me a second to remember December 2017 and the month I had the fortune of working here in the same quiet. The kind of clarity that gave me is incomparable. I had a moment of clarity today too, in the quiet.

Today, that’s what I’m grateful for. That small moment of clarity I had after I finished my ninth semester.

I’m going to come back in 2020 as a final-semester student of this University.

For now, I shall fly to Pune. Where I will spend time with my paternal grandmother, away from an internet connection (but with hotspot), and surrounded by affection and food.

Life’s looking up.

Let me know what you think!

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