2019: Two Hundred and Seventy Four

Today is Gandhi Jayanthi.

Most people are pretty easy to figure out: they seem to side with Gandhi’s ideals, or firmly reject several of his views. As people seem to find out more about him, they start to become uneasy. Not sure how to reconcile the kind of values he publicly stood for and some of the behaviour he knowingly participated in in private. It’s confusing. I get it.

I feel that way at the moment – there’s some stuff I didn’t really expect from myself that has happened, and now I’m figuring out that reconciliation for myself. The more I think about public figures like Gandhi through this process, the more I figure out how human we all are. It’s also something I picked up while watching the three-part mini-series on Bill Gates. And while rewatching episodes of this trashy drama show called One Tree Hill I used to watch for the basketball. The human aspect to all this is just the fact that we’re not all yin, or all yang, or all good, or all bad. We’re all people. We’re all on a path to progress. And that’s all I’ve been doing, and that’s all I’ll continue to do.

Jameela Jamil reminded me about that on twitter.

So as is with Gandhi. Celebrate his positive contributions, recognize his faults. The one positive thing I identify most with is truth.

Courage to truth. Truth to courage.

In good and in bad.


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