2019: Two Hundred and Seventy Three

Back in Gandhinagar. It’s October: which means it’s time to go home. Not literally today, but it’s close enough to start a countdown clock.

I really wanted to do inktober again this year, but given the kind of things I have to finish up this month – specifically just the number of submissions I have, I don’t think I’ll be able to. Your loss, internet.

I’m looking forward to these last 25 days. The semester break means I’m going to have two months with my parents. That’s going to be the longest my parents and I have stayed together since I was in Grade Six. Given the kind of things I’m dealing with right now – I know that’ll be good for me, and for us. Plus, they’ll be around when I click “Submit” on my college applications. They were around for the last set, which turned out pretty okay – even though I was a wreck when I did them, and a wreck when I waited for results, and waited on my decision-making. That’ll be nice.


Let me know what you think!

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