2019: Two Hundred and Sixty Eight

[I was waiting on some news before I got around to posting. Got that news today, so all posts will now flood your notifications. Apologies in advance, but you must be used to this. I also know this is an extremely odd hour in India. I haven’t been getting sleep – so the blog is where I will seek refuge.]

It’s always important, I think, to identify who can help you when you’re on the mend, and when you’re in a rough place. You can’t necessarily continuously feel bad or feel sorry for yourself – you need to be in a position where you take everything you learn and you move forward. There’s bound to be frustration, guilt, hurt – all of those things. Just because people don’t acknowledge that, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The bigger question is: what do you become, and who are you at the core of everything? And who is the person you want to be?

The faster you’re able to accept there is a gap between these, the quicker you’ll be in a position to hold your hands up and hold yourself accountable. A large part of this stems from the truth, and just what the truth is and what it means. Sometimes it hurts, but its still the truth.

Just acknowledge that. And be patient.


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