2019: Two Hundred and Sixty Seven

I’m back to being on a wretched sleep cycle. This isn’t because of work, although the net result is that because I don’t find much else to do in these odd hours – and it’s quiet, it provides me the opportunity to get a lot of thinking done. Both about work and non-work things.

Today, I spent some time in the evening watching Hindi movies that took me back to the 2005-6 times. You know, that phase where you’re young enough to laugh wholeheartedly at cleverly interwoven jokes, and yet, simultaneously old enough to discredit poor plot. I did this largely to distract myself from a spiral I was going down – and it worked effectively for a few hours or so, I would think. I picked the right movies too. Munnabhai MBBS and Don: The Chase Begins Again. The first movie speaks for itself, but man, do I remember the hype the latter movie brought with it. It got the oldies into the nostalgia they craved, and listening to me croon-hum the new Don theme song (while pretending to be Don, of course), I remember, got my mom to make me sit and watch the original version of the film. Amitabh was incredible, as was Pran. Wow. Whatte acting. Whatta story also, seriously.

Anyway, given the sort of things I’ve been thinking in the last three weeks, I’m looking for anchors to latch myself onto. Aside from work oriented goals, I’m seeking out things I can do to help find some stability in my brain. For this, I plan to return to some deeply personal tasks again. I wanted to learn coding and chess this year. The coding mission was one I began in August first week – but also a mission that promptly died down as I returned to campus. Chess never even took off.

I shall learn these now. Maybe with more effort, and some odd hours of the day spent on the tasks.

The Lumineers’ released their new album, and while I seek anchors out and work on myself and understanding things, that album has got me thinking. A lot. Here’s a song I’ve found myself deeply attached to at the moment:


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