2019: Two Hundred and Forty

Today was productive. I slept in class – not because I had a sleep-deficit, but because I wished to sleep. I paid attention and took notes in classes I wanted to.

But post-class I had a ball. I know I’ve been gushing about this new timetable, but really – it is marvelous. Post 3 I worked on a bunch of things I wanted to finish before the day was done.

At night I met with some people I wanted to meet for Debate work. That debating mood is really sinking in now, which is marvelous. People in my batch are working around getting things set up for that and figuring out how exactly to pass on information to juniors. It’s going to be wicked seeing how they take the tournament forward. I still remember being asked by RG to do some kutti t-shirts work in my first year. It was my first interaction with him, and TGD weekend has been a highlighted memory ever since.

In other news my electricity ports are fixed now, so I can work out of my room like I did earlier. If I figure out the laundry system on campus (for ironing), my life will be wholesome again.


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