2019: Two Hundred and Thirty Eight

And we’re back to another week of classes, which means I’ve now completed a whole week of being at University as a fifth year. Today we had another synopsis due, which has meant a barrage of fifth years in the library, hunched over their laptops, figuring out how to best procrastinate the work, yet to ensure submission by midnight – before the deadline elapses. Some useful tips for this: take a bath. You’ll feel refreshed also, before you work.  I don’t think we’ve been this serious as a batch about any of our internal evaluation submissions. That’s saying something.

This week also marks the build-up to the intervarsity debate we host on campus. For me, it’s one of the years’ highlights. The mood is chill, the weather is great, and we always end up creating a memory around that edition. One year it was dinner unavailability, another, it was having to shift around logistics because it was absolutely pouring. Its a wild time on campus, and nothing ever compares. That’s because no amount of planning can lead to a glitchless TGD, which means for the three days, most people are on their toes. Logistics does a fab job of this. I’m usually on the tab team, and I am this year as well – which means my role is slightly restrictive, but, I’m looking forward to the entire tournament this year. It will be our OLTGD, so we should enjoy it. By all means.

In other news, mess food is back to being intriguing in taste. That wouldn’t have been a problem had I not experienced eating my own food for a month. See, when I made food, I knew what was going into it. So even when it tasted off, or it tasted funny, I could justify why it tasted that way – or what weird powder combination had ended up in an odd-tasting curry, or a bland, saltless dal. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of mess food. Never fear, for I think mess food must be enjoyed this year as well. It will be another 6 months before we are free of the Mohani chains for a while – and thus, must appreciate the nourishment they provide while we can. For me, I think my strategy is going to boil down to portion control. And mixing it up by ensuring I’m eating different things at each meal (versus dal and rice when I get bored of the food).

There’s no complaint here. I am zen.


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