2019: Two Hundred and Thirty Seven

Contrary to everything I posted yesterday, today, I spent my entire day in my room. Sundays I think are meant for that. Not having to stir much out of the bed, but still managing to get things done.

One of my goals for this academic year is to get back into cultivating habits I’m desirous of carrying forth beyond my University years and out into the real world. These include how I’d like to be in more control of my time right from the start of the day – instead of gaining control only around 7pm-8pm and working really well at night to finish off everything I’d like to before sleeping. Another one is to get back into the habit of making music, and spending time with my music the way I used to before school.

The one thing I’m pleased with is that my love for music hasn’t diminished. Just the way I engage with it has now changed. I like finding new pieces of music, so I strive to listen to new songs everyday, only slipping into loops and old habits when I’m working so I can revel in the comfort of known lyrics and tunes to hum along to while focusing on getting things done. But there’s a different kind of thrill that comes with figuring out a tune that you like, and knowing that it’s your own work that’s going into it.

I remembered last evening that there were a few juniors who were interested in similar things, and called one of my friends to my room to chill and figure out how to actually go about making this happen. I can’t describe to you what it’s like to find someone who shares similar music tastes and interests as you. I experienced it once back in Grade 11, which led to one of the most wholesome friendships I’ve ever had. I’m hopeful that this project will allow me to make music that helps me remember my University when I leave.

Other than that, I spent the evening doing mundane things like laundry and setting up for the week.

Let me know what you think!

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