2019: Two Hundred and Thirty Three

This life of having classes only for three hours on a given day is extremely convenient. Classes end at 12:20pm, and I have a 15-minute break in the middle of the three classes I need to attend. All of this leads me to one conclusion. After making attendance difficult, University is pampering us before we head out into the real world. These timings reflect nothing that’s out there. So I will enjoy every single minute of it, and not complain, because I will never want any change to this. I’m looking forward to the next one year with this timetable.

Classes are also fairly uncomplicated. A bit of it is naturally a result of the kind of experience we’ve built up in the last four years of attending five hours, but these are easy to follow. I look forward to going to class each day because I know I can be back in my bed within three hours.

Since the junior batches are writing midsemester exams, campus has been pretty quiet in the evenings – which is a strange starting point to come back to. Can’t wait for them to be done so every time I step out of my room, or anywhere in the hallways, there’s just a cacophony of sound.


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