2019: Two Hundred and Thirty Four

The ICC World Test Championship has just gotten underway. I say this about half a month late to the party, but for me, it’s only just begun because I’ve discovered that there are multiple test matches happening. That entertainment, coupled with the uncertainty of results affecting points tallies and positions in the Championship means that this should be a good thrill for the time it lasts. I hope it revives the interest in Test Cricket, which I believe is honestly one of the best sporting formats I’ve seen.

It’s so enjoyable. One day I want to attend all 5 days of a match at a packed stadium. The Ashes seem like the best bet to do that, but I think India v. England, or India v. Australia are also good shouts.

If you’d like a brief idea of how this works:

My only qualm with this approach has to be the fact that its restricted at present to the Top 9 teams, which excludes the opportunity for teams like Afghanistan and Ireland to play high levels of Test Cricket.

Associate Nations without Test status also suffer – since a majority of attention might now go to this Championship. Maybe a promotion/relegation system might work out better – but lets see what the ICC decides to do.


Let me know what you think!

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