2019: Two Hundred and Twenty Two

I’m writing this while I’m on a train to Cologne on the next day, early in the morning, around 6:45AM. That’s important, because it’s proof of the fact that I can wake up early when I really want to. How wild.

I was in Nuremberg all of today.

This trip has been planned to be an international law/history pilgrimage. I know there’s a lot I’m going to miss, and a lot I’m ignoring here – but I want to see Nurnberg, Koln, and Den Haag.

Nuremberg was absolutely beautiful. I had cats at my Airbnb: Gatto and Gatta, and after sleeping for 2 hours, I decided that the only way I wanted to explore the city was by foot. I mapped out my destinations, figured out that I could walk everywhere, and decided not to take public transport only because I wanted to see as much of the city as I could. Even while traveling. Best/Worst decision ever. I walked 22 kilometers I think.

But I saw so much. There’s so much different terrain here. That isn’t worth dwelling too much on, but it’s stunning! I ended up on a beaten forest path at one point, and another point I was in a beautiful park.

I spent time at the Imperial Castle, the Nazi Documentation Center, and I spent time at the Nuremberg Trial Memorial.

The weight of our history, as a species, dawned on me only then. We carry a lot of burden, and we don’t really realize it at all. What’s worse, is that we’ve sort of failed to learn from those mistakes.

Individuals perpetrated some really horrible things in the past, and we really, really need to prevent them from doing them in the forthcoming years. I don’t think we’ve done enough.


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