2019: Two Hundred and Twenty One

It’s very heartening to see people take time out to teach people. It restores faith in humanity for me. Why? Because knowledge transcends generations, and experience – especially experiences people aren’t fond of, are experiences that enable people to learn.

While over the entire month, I’ve interacted with enough people who have been kind enough to give me their time and offer me information about their own experiences in international law – and how they got to where they are, but today holds a special place in my memory, because my own boss spent time with us. He spent time with us over tea, answering any questions that we had, offering anecdotes, and suggesting ways to go about achieving what we wanted to achieve. It was a splendid afternoon, one I’m very pleased to have had.

On the whole though, today has been amazing. I managed to pick up UN memorabilia for everyone I wanted to, I left my suitcase with an acquaintance to look after, and I reached my bus stop on time. I got photos with Jaska and with my host, and I did meet my flatmate and spend time with her again. It’s strange, but this month appears to have gotten us closer than we were, something I’m grateful for – because we don’t speak much in college. She’s suggested we go out for meals sometimes so we continue being as close as we are right now, and I plan to take her up on it.

I’ve learnt so much. This month has burned several images into the fabric of my memory, and I can’t wait to talk to my parents about it. I’ve learnt a lot about myself – my own limitations, my passions, and what motivates me to get up and go to work everyday. I know now, more than ever, that while I’d like to spend time outside India some day, I want to go back. I know how important it is to me.

Off to Germany and the Netherlands. Time for my solo trip.


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