2019: Two Hundred and Nineteen

It’s Wednesday now. I need to put laundry and take a look at the stock in the fridge to figure out what to cook so we can finish off as many groceries as possible. I’m likely to end up cooking some form of channa + vegetables in the next two days. Going to be an exciting time!

There’s a really, really cute husky dog here. The first time I was introduced to the breed was through books and movies, but I understood more about the husky when my friend moved to Boston. He studies at Northeastern (Go Huskies!) and I ended up reading a lot about them.

I’m going to miss Jaska when I leave. She’s an ideal friend to come home to and relax with. Spending time with her in the garden and petting her when I went to hang clothes to try, patting her when I said goodbye for the day and having her poke her nose through the kitchen door to sniff what I was making? I’m going to miss that.


Let me know what you think!

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