2019: Two Hundred and Eighteen

This last week is a week of relatively less work for us. At the Commission, it’s largely procedural matters which are on their way to completion – wrapping up another successful session. This means I’ve got more time on my hands, and while initially uncertain of how to spend it – I reached a pretty conclusive answer today.

I want to spend the rest of this week just appreciating and soaking in every bit of where I am at the moment, and where I’ve been for the last four weeks now. It’s honestly something I’m deeply grateful for, and I’m going to enjoy it.

For me, that means spending more time in the library, the cafe, and finding new places to set up with my laptop. Additionally, trying to meet everyone I wanted to meet, just once more (so my face and name is etched in their memory and they don’t forget me).

I’m going to miss the pizza in this cafeteria, so more of that too.


Let me know what you think!

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