2019: One Hundred and Fifty Four

As my time in Bangalore is winding down, I’m trying to pack into it as much of what I wanted to do before I came to the city.

Since I’ve lived in Whitefield for all my time in Bangalore, there are several parts of the city I didn’t have too much context to before I left for college. The Bangaloreans who were on campus talked about several places on MG Road that I had to acknowledge I was merely aware of, but hadn’t actually visited. These included pitstops that are essential to the heart and soul of the city: like Meghana’s Biryani, and even Nagarjuna. A lot of these places are places I subsequently made it a mission to go to. Acquainting myself with the central part of Bangalore, and the popular parts of the city became a goal in the first year, and as time flew by and I began staying on the south side more – with my aunt & uncle, I learnt a lot more about the city and a lot more about it’s character.

My first two internships here took me to stretches of the city I had rarely been to: Vasanthnagar, and then Malleswaram. But at the end of my sixth semester, I had a whale of a time interning bang on Brigade Road. It was beautiful. It’s been the finest experience I’ve had internship wise – because I was able to balance having a good social life, eating at home, and coming to the office in a record 10 minutes from home. The work was also amazing. And I got to stroll down MG Road every single day.

My aunt previously worked on this stretch when I was younger. We used to use it to our advantage by scheduling MG Road trips around her work hours, so she could join me on my quest to find my mother and father one gift each. I also have fond memories of going to Amoeba and Pizza Hut with my aunt and uncle. So there was some element of familiarity, but the one month on that road allowed me to breed a lot more.

I spent today on MG Road. And while I didn’t do as much socially, I did get a lot of work I had done. And I ate some great pizza.


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