2019: One Hundred and Fifty Five

Today’s my last day in Bangalore. And thus, a day with family was called for. It’s rare that my parents and I are in the same city to do family trips and visits, so if one of the family days get called for, they’re usually top priority for me. I don’t think I could have charted my last day in the city any better.

I got to visit my great grandmother and some of my favourite people, eat some amazing breakfast, then spend time with my grandparents and my aunt & uncle. I saw my parents complete something they’ve worked on for the last 12 years now – and I saw a contentment consume their aura. My mom and I cooked, my dad and I packed.

It was delightful.

I enjoyed the comfort of my room’s AC while playing the piano after they went to bed. And I know I’m going to miss all of this homeliness I feel in Whitefield, but I also know how much I took advantage of it on this trip. I’ve had a whale of a time.

Onto Pune now.


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