2019: One Hundred and Thirty Four

Remember all those plans I had yesterday that I wanted to execute? The whole wake up and be active and run errands bit. I managed all of that today, and I don’t think I could have done much else in my power to make this a good day. Which, to me, signifies the greatest possibility of a good day being achieved.

Essentially: I accomplished the bank stuff I had to get done, I cooked myself pasta, played basketball for an hour, and chilled out at home. Managed to also copy-paste most of the blog posts I’ve written through exam season from Microsoft Word onto WordPress. I know that sounds extremely lazy, but trust me, the exercise of copy-pasting gets a lot harder when you have to generate individual posts and justify them, rather than being able to copy-paste directly.

Cooking pasta for myself has always brought a lot of quiet comfort with it, especially when I am alone in the kitchen. There is no part of the process I do not enjoy. Right from the start, where I boil pasta, to the end, where I grate mozzarella cheese onto my plate and make a mess of the black granite in my kitchen, it’s a very, very fun process. It’s even more fun when I’m experimenting with ingredients. Today, I added another element by watching The Avengers while waiting on things to boil and cook. I know for a fact that I will be cooking pasta again before my mother returns to spoil me with her cooking. Then I will cook the pasta for her. While rasam and curd rice is the comfort food of my soul, pasta is the comfort food of my hands. One day I want to stop relying on store-bought pasta. That will be my greatest accomplishment in the short-run.

Anyway, you see how I said I went and played basketball? That wasn’t originally a part of today’s plan at all. I wanted to swim. Honestly, because the weather is well-suited for the activity, but also because, what’s the point of having access to a facility if you aren’t going to use it? I had suited up and everything and confidently strutted to the Club House, only to be met with prohibitive pricing and politics that is far too intricate to be detailed on this blog. I’ll put it simply: adult egos make children suffer every time where community interests are at play. This is because of a few reasons: (a) the betterment of future residents of the community is given a lower priority than an immediate, short-term fix, (b) future residents of the community are not considered stakeholders in any decision-making processes involving the community, (c) funds are spent on mechanisms that are not necessarily likely to succeed in securing community interests, but rather on mechanisms that are backed by a larger proportion of the politically active members of the community.

There’s a lot more to that rant, and I can express it to several individuals who I believe are responsible for my inability to access the Club House. However, I have 3 weeks here, my mother lands next week. It is a topic that is worth discussion after more information is received.

(I am strongly opinionated because I was prohibited from accessing the Childrens’ Park 10 years ago, when I was a 10 year old, amongst other decisions that I have fully, vehemently disagreed with – in their intent, framing, and execution.)


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