2019: One Hundred and Thirty Five

Contrary to every notion readers of this blog might have about what I am like in real life, I am an extremely private individual. This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy talking about myself: I do. I just do it rarely, even though I very much enjoy the company of several people, and I love making new friends.

I think the best way to get to know somebody is by visiting where they grew up with them. Today, I had the opportunity to play host to most of my closest friends from University, barring one, who live in Bangalore. Having them at home meant that I was able to share a massive part of how I grew up and the things I did as a child – on the outskirts of Bangalore. And I also got to share how different my experiences were from theirs. It’s so strange: all of us come from the same city, but the diversity in the manner in which we’ve been brought up and the parts of the city we’ve spent time in, means that we’ve each had very, very differing ideas of similar concepts – like cycling. Or playing football on the streets.

Catching up with college friends outside of the college environment also makes you realize the kind of burden the confines of college can put on you: your mood,  the kind of things you talk about. They’re very different outside of campus walls. That’s something I appreciated about having my friends over today.

Aside from that, they bought me red velvet cake. Which was yum. And I got to spend the evening with friends I really enjoy spending time with, which is another victory.

All in all, great day. Can’t wait to see how the rest of this holiday pans out. Can’t believe 3 days are already done.


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