2019: One Hundred and Twenty Seven

I am done with Taxation Laws forever.

I didn’t need too many marks on the end-semester exam to pass, as a consequence of which I know I’ll definitely pass, considering that I attempted every question on the exam. However, my goal at Law School hasn’t been to just pass. Whether I’ll meet up to my expectations is something on which I’ll leave the jury out, but I think that I genuinely prepared for this exam as best as I could. What I mean by this is that for a poorly taught, terribly unstructured course, I did my best to structure everything in a form that I could understand. I learnt all the sections and their applicability to the best of my ability. I tried remembering as much as I could. And I slept a little. Which caps off the best preparation I think I could have done.

The only thing I slipped up on my judgment prior to the exam is that I chose to study and glance through the pre mid-semester portions. This, although the professor teaching the course had indicated that “questions once asked would not be repeated”. But she continued to include those portions in the end-sem portions too, and I don’t really trust her, so I thought it was worth spending some time on.

In either case, the course is over forever, and this is a truly joyous moment. The work I had done at my internships had introduced me to the subject in a completely different light, and I genuinely looked forward to learning how Taxation systems worked and the principles on which they were based. Unfortunately, that was only one module, after which the intricacies of tax calculation and other allied subjects took over our studying aside from how the Law worked.

So I celebrated post-exam, by rewarding myself with a 5-hour long nap, and 2 hours worth of binge watching on YouTube. My mother chuckled again because she was no longer sure whether I was in exam season. To me, to be honest, I think I’m done. I have 2 more papers, but finding motivation is going to be pretty difficult. I know it’ll come, it’s just that finishing the toughest paper in your entire course gives you relief like much else does in life.


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