2019: One Hundred and Twenty Eight

Yeah, the sentiment from yesterday has carried on to today. I definitely feel like my exams are over, albeit with the full knowledge that I have two more papers to give. This, as I stated yesterday is solely owing to the fact that the toughest exam in my repertoire of six subjects this semester has finished up. This is not to take away from the difficulty of other subjects I have remaining: they’re equally difficult in terms of how the papers could end up being. But none of them have been as poorly taught or structured. Moreover, none of the subjects I have remaining is as far removed from what I am interested in, that Tax was.

Which is the core of my argument for why the toughest paper ought to be either the first paper or the last paper that students give. If it’s the first paper, students will get the most amount of time to prepare for the exam. Moreover, being done with the paper will be more relief than anything else, and won’t really affect how they view the rest of the papers. Atleast nobody will feel like exams are over, because there are far too many left for you to feel like the entire exercise is done with. However, the downside to this is having a bad first paper may make everyone feel like trash, and the likelihood of having a bad paper when the subject is difficult is higher than it is with a relatively easy subject.

So I’d advocate for the toughest paper to be last. Probably an unpopular opinion, but my procrastination today has taught me atleast this much.

Also, what is up with modules being deceptively long. How does one subject have 6 modules but have the same amount of course as a subject with 3 modules? Why is the world like this? Prima facie it looks like the course is easy. Then you start studying and there’s layers to what you are expected to know. Then you find out it’s an application-based paper.

I really should have started earlier, but I regret nothing. My Tax break was well-earned, and I cooked some amazing pasta today.


Let me know what you think!

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