2019: One Hundred and Twenty Three

These one day breaks between exams really give you ample procrastination time. My policy of rewarding myself for each module that I finish has led to me sleeping far more than finishing modules. While I think that’s acceptable for papers that didn’t have portions that were heavy, it seems to be coming back to bite me, thus far, as I study for tomorrow. Guess I’ll be pulling a late-night to actually understand everything I read. Which is fair enough, I’ve brought this upon myself.

The good thing though is that I’ll have nice music to keep me company. Vampire Weekend released their new album today. They had released 2 singles off the album onto YouTube, which had really HD music videos, but I didn’t know what to make of the songs themselves. However, upon my first listen, I have figured that I really like the new album because of how diverse the songs on the record are. Each one appears to come from a different place, a different background. That’s exciting because of the fact that there’s an unfamiliar melody/countermelody that’s running through the song, as well as instruments which aren’t so popular in pop music today. Reminds me a lot of why “Redbone” by Childish Gambino had so much success.

Coming back to examination stuff. I think that it’s pretty hilarious that we engage in so much piracy and study for Intellectual Property Rights examinations. Rather enjoyable: to download an entire movie off the internet, but then study the Law that’s supposed to prevent these things from happening.

Back to the books I go. Or is back to my bed?


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