2019: One Hundred and Twenty Two

Yes, I read the title out loud exactly the way T-Swift would have if this was a Taylor Swift song. Unfortunately, it is merely a blog post, and you’re stuck with a mock T-Swift, a T-Rao, if you would. I have the same amount of swag, though. Don’t be fooled.

The cycle of rewarding  myself with naps after each module I completed continued onto today, the day of the exam. So, with about 4 hours to go to the exam, I think I napped for a good one hour. I played nap roulette. Slept without an alarm, fully confident that if anything happened, my roommate would ensure I would wake up. What I did not factor in was his potential to sleep as well. So sleep we did.

In either case, the paper went well. I’m pretty happy with the kind of papers that have been set this semester. They’re broad, with testing coming from across the syllabus. Which makes studying this much portion actually worth it – because you know atleast one question will be asked from the module. Kudos to our Professors. And they’re fun questions also. But this is only one-third the way through my exams, so we’ll see how the other papers turn out.

The sleep cycle has been turned on its head by the exams being in the afternoon, but I’m loving every minute of it. I came back from my exam at 5pm and slept till 8:30pm. Woke up for dinner, and then began my day as if it’s the morning: eating, then catching up with the news and music, and everything I usually do.

CBSE results were apparently announced today and we’re celebrating toppers on national television, but what’s notable is also that the number of candidates appearing for exams, in addition to the pass percentage has both gone up. These are good indications. What’ll be interesting to see is whether the number of candidates has gone up merely because of demographics or because there are more people enrolled in schools from this age group rather than last year’s graduates, or even as compared to 5 years ago. I don’t exactly know how the mechanics of such a study can be designed, but it’ll be interesting data for sure.

I’m also getting super into Marie Kondo’s show now. Her philosophy is very interesting. I’m curious to see whether I actually end up implementing it when I get home in summer.


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