GloPoWriMo 2019: 30/30

Hey! We made it.

Not bad at all, no? Apart from infrequent posting, this has been a very creative month. I’ve written a poem properly every single day, but only posted them when I felt like I could take the time to post it. Which isn’t a bad habit. It hasn’t been too terrible, I don’t think.

GloPoWriMo was something I chanced upon in second year and tried making my own, and till this year was something very personal to me. I don’t really share anything I write with people (which is weird considering it’s on my blog), but I meant marketing wise, I don’t send specific links to people, unless I think I’ve written something great. I avoid sharing links on my family group specifically. GloPoWriMo was just something I did. This year was different because my mother chose to participate in it as well – and it became pretty evident to me that she had a penchant for rhyme schemes, which is the opposite of the poetry I write. She posts her poems on our family group and daily, and follows up to ensure that we’ve each read it. To each their own, I guess. And I must admit, I’ve been terrible at talking to her about her poetry. I’ve read them and not commented, for example – and a lot of this is because of how I interact with my own poems. But, over the month, I’ve realized how important GloPoWriMo is in terms of getting people out of their writing cocoons – one that my mother was certainly trapped in. So I started to speak to her more about it, consciously. The other thing is though, that it became pretty clear to me where I got any writing talent out of (the formal writing like e-mails and letters is my dad’s genes, the informal stuff is my mum’s).

So I leave you with my final piece from this year’s GloPoWriMo, and I look forward to April 2020, which will be my last month at University – where I started this blog.

A minimalist poem is today’s prompt.




Let me know what you think!

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