2019: One Hundred and Twenty

I’ve conquered one exam, and with it, bought my April to a close. May being here is the start of a holiday I am both excited and nervous for.

The exam was good, I can’t really complain about it. The thing with Insurance Law is that it’s super principle-oriented and operates on facts really well (to be honest, this is how all Law is, but not taught that way). So studying for it got boring as principles repeated themselves, but writing the paper was fun, because it tested us on a range of principles. Plus, even though the facts lifted from case law we had read, the specificity of the questions meant I didn’t really have to think too much about how best I could fill up pages – they filled themselves for me as time went on. The only thing I had to be strategic about today was when I chose to utilize the washroom, because I ran out of water pretty early on, and felt my bladder filling up, but had I gone immediately, I’d be left with more than half the paper’s duration to survive without using the washroom. So I speed wrote and went slightly later. I timed myself well, I think. I was able to enjoy the rest of the paper without thinking about water at all. This, despite the fact that marine insurance was a subject-matter I was tested on today.

Post-exam, I slept and woke up feeling very confused about what time it was.

And then I took a walk where I discovered that our campus sold Britannia’s Little Hearts, which is a snack that is etched in my childhood memory. My mum used to love these so much, and we used to buy the small packets and share them with each other while we watched some rubbish on the television. That’s honestly my only memory of this snack. I remember it in no other context. The advertisements and packaging just stood out, as did the snacks’ name and sugar content.


So of course I bought two packets and have now devoured both of them. I am a monster.


Let me know what you think!

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