2019: One Hundred and Seventeen

Today was an attempt to get myself back on track, so naturally I found myself on YouTube, getting deep into a wormhole I couldn’t pull myself out of. I did do a couple of productive things though. My parents and I spoke for an extended duration and figured out our summer plans in a pretty detailed way. It’s the first time in a while I’m getting two months off, so we wanted to use it as a family the best way we could – by being in each other’s company. Getting that sorted was nice. Booking tickets was even nicer.

I can’t really remember the first time I booked a ticket for myself. I’ve always been tech-savvy, and have loved airlines, but figuring out flights and doing online bookings was always in my parents’ domain. Especially considering they were the ones with the credit card. If I think really hard, maybe one of my Hyderabad trips was when I did ticket bookings and figuring out without their help.

Actually no, even earlier. I was involved in the process beforehand. But got full version control over the desktop around Grade 10. That was when I learnt how CVV/CCV numbers worked – and the hidden danger of allowing someone to look at both the front and the back of your card. Wow.


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