2019: One Hundred and Sixteen

Another day has gone by.

The amount of studying I’ve done today has been less than expected, but more than anticipated. I think that’s the fairest way of putting it. I’m writing now because I’ve got 3 more days before exams start. So that’s 2 days to get my act together and get my sleeping cycle in order, and 1 day to study for the exam which is on Tuesday specifically.

I’m really grateful to be avoiding two things this exam season: Monday exams, and morning exams. A lack of Monday exams means I won’t have to wear formals to the exam hall this exam season, which means I’m going in with my pyjamas. No morning exams means that I can sleep after finishing portion each night, with the comfort of the morning for revision. Till 1pm. Which means a good 5 hours of revision in the day.

I like that.

Also, two weeks to going home. I’m very excited.


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