GloPoWriMo 2019: 15/30

Oho! Halfway. Today’s prompt asks me to write a play, or something that could be performed dramatically. I’ve decided to take a shot at a monologue. The setting for this is voting day.


Friends, acquaintances, and uncles & aunties,
And Good Evening,
You may wonder why I have interrupted your tea,
And why I am speaking,
You may also wonder why my voice is screechy,
And why I am so short,
I am fifteen years old,
An adult I am yet, not.
Your other questions will be answered soon,
Or maybe I’ll leave them unanswered,
Because that seems to be something adults enjoy doing,
So maybe that’s how I’ll get your attention.

Soon you will be given a chance to vote,
On who gets to govern this area, but also, in the grand scheme of things,
The country,
I will not be given this chance,
Because the elders decided that I would not mature till I was 18,
Or 21,
But you,
You have this chance,
So please take it.
Aunty, this isn’t like when nobody at home tells you what they want to eat,
So you choose for them all,
Uncle, here, has to make a decision,
And the decision may not affect you in the long-run,
Because your future is something in your control – in your present,
My future,
Apart from my board exam marks,
Also depends on what the people governing my country choose to do,
So please think of me,
And what’s best for me,
When you choose,
Because tomorrow,
I will have to make a similar choice,
And my experiences now will make my choice in the future.


Let me know what you think!

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