2019: One Hundred and Four

I used today to mostly catch up on my reading. Which is when I realized that I had taken a lot of reading projects up for this year. Managing them has gotten tricky, so having days where I can read without any disturbance, I think, is extremely important to me. It makes me realize that I am likely to use libraries, for example, even when I am much older. To escape from other things in my life and just spend an entire day reading.

More than anything, as a completionist, I look forward to finishing things. The rush I get out of finishing things – especially when I’ve enjoyed the process of it all, is a rush that I think is incomparable to much.

Reading today, and finishing the books I had left half-read also reminded me about how much I enjoyed these projects. It gave me time to reflect about what I was reading – and that time has been invaluable because I’ve managed to collect my thoughts and have been able to process the stuff that I’ve been assimilating.

There’s so much to learn out there.


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