2019: Ninety-Seven

RCB lost again,
Today is Sunday,
The weekend was meant to be longer,
But tomorrow is Monday.

This is my weekend in four sentences.

First, I cannot believe RCB lost again. I will support this team unwaveringly, but they’re making it very difficult to be loved at this moment. I don’t even know what is going wrong. Some fortunes must change, a match must be won. At this point, I’m worried this is going to be like the first season of IPL. My roommate chuckled and said that the team’s results crashed the way Mallya’s fortunes did. I did not laugh.

I bought my first ice-cream of summer today – a nice Vadilal chocolate cone. The pleasure of chocolate cones in general, I believe, is underrated. Aside from the deliciousness of the ice-cream itself, there are surprises in every bite of the cone. Especially the cute cone tip at the end, which has a nice little coating of chocolate. Eating this ice-cream is an artform. Find me one person who can eat this chocolate cone without leaving any marks of gluttony on their hand, and I will buy you your own chocolate ice-cream.


What a delicious. Made my entire weekend.


Let me know what you think!

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