2019: Seventy

Going back into classes after an entire week of exams is very disillusioning. The week spoilt me. I was able to sleep in the middle of the day, and choose when I wanted to concentrate and when I wanted to turn off. The dress code was relaxed because I knew nobody would care about me turning up in pyjamas to the exam hall. (To be honest, I don’t care about wearing pyjamas to class now either, but I wear jeans or pants to show some respect for the educational institution, or something – there’s no real reasoning behind it)

Especially those two holidays we had in the middle. Because I slept and didn’t keep any alarms, knowing that I wouldn’t miss an exam even if I slept in. My general exam sleep cycle means I don’t keep alarms at all – relying instead on an extended network of friends to wake me up on time. But this laziness appears to have carried forward to the week itself, because I haven’t kept my alarms, and found myself awake only because the sun hit my eyes and blinded me as soon as I opened them.

In any case, the weather in Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar (I’m still unsure what to call this) seems to have stabilized enough (by which I mean it is now warm/hot) for me to have a bath every morning, instead of picking whether to bathe in the afternoon based on the fluctuating weather and my mood. Having a bath in the morning is amazing, because it actually wakes you up. Like, physically. The bucket bath is also excellent exercise, and you’ll hear your knees crack at various points. Exciting.

Today also allowed me to go outside for dinner with my friends – something we used to do regularly in the first few semesters, but manage maybe only once or twice a semester now. It’s these trips that remind me how lucky I am to be in college, because I’m surrounded by people I like hanging out with, and people who are kind souls, people I’m hoping to be in touch with forever. It also allows us to explore the extents of our appetites and their capabilities. 5 of us, for example, consumed 10 Mango Lassis last night, spending an upward of 1000 rupees on these drinks.

What a joy we are.


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