2019: Sixty-Nine

 Today’s been a very, very peaceful day. And I’ve enjoyed it – which leads me to two realizations. One, I need more of these. Two, I’m likely to need to create more of these for myself.

I woke up late, headed to IIM-A for internship work, came back, got laundry done, binge-watched a Netflix Formula One docuseries, which was fantastic.

And then saw Manchester United lose to Arsenal.

God really knows how to give me good days in moderation. As one friend put it, “happiness and sadness are after all two sides of the same coin”, which sounds cooler in Hindi because “sikke ke moh” is an amazing expression that is criminally underutilized.

In other news, I fell behind, but have quickly caught up to this blog – something I’m pleased with. Something I’m not looking forward to is having to attend class this week. They relocated us back to 3.8, the classroom that is the furthest possible location from the mess – which means it’s going to take forever to get to lunch, and the entire lunch line would have formed by then.


Atleast we’re back in the cute amphitheatre-setting classrooms.



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