2019: Sixty-Two

I have successfully wasted one day during exam-time – a day I thought I’d spend studying and finishing as much portion as I could for an exam that I’m genuinely dreading. However, the day has ended, and my accomplishment of portion stands at a meagre 33%. As times like these pass, I think about my 10th Grade productivity and feel bad at times. I liked all my subjects back then, and honestly, you could give me three months to sit at home and study, and I’d study every single day. The lack of motivation hits hard before papers I don’t like studying for these days, and that’s not really something I associate with myself.

But it’s happened too many times over the course of Law school. I’m grateful that I’ve always found something in the subject to motivate me to study, but it gets tough at times.

Things I did today, however, include a lot of nice reading. And creating my first legitimate Spotify playlist.


Let me know what you think!

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