2019: Forty-Nine

This week has a bunch of awesome things happening, but also has the potential to wind me down tremendously. I’m unsure which way it’ll go. I’m excited, but don’t want to burn out, especially because I’m still sort of recovering from an illness, and exams are coming up.

My parents are coming to town along with my aunt and my grandparents – which is a rather exciting time in our household. It means that all the readers of this blog will at the same place at the same time – which should certainly mean more content for this blog, and fewer views. It also gives me an opportunity to do something I’m really really looking forward to: seeing more of Ahmedabad.

My relationship with Ahmedabad is a strange one. I’ve visited it often, but only visited certain parts, as one does. Specifically, because all I’ve been to Ahmedabad for is food, a food festival, and two internships. So while I’ve gotten an idea of the vibe of the city, there’s several parts of it I’ve missed out on. Ahmedabad’s done a pretty good job of maintaining it’s cultural history and heritage, so while capitalizing family time, I’m most excited to see how much of the cultural history we’ll manage to explore.

The joy of spending time away from campus is also the joy of escaping campus food. Which, the less said about the better, especially considering I’ll get hungry writing this post otherwise.

Finally, seeing my dad. My dad and I are very tight in a sense I cannot explain to several people – especially those who see us out in public. As I’ve grown older, I’ve begun to understand my father on more levels, and understand several things I didn’t as a child. A direct consequence of this has been changing my behaviour and my relationship with my family on the whole, but a more indirect consequence is how happy I am in general when they’re around. I haven’t seen my dad in eight months now, which is a rather long time. The last I met him was when I was in Dubai – and I was scheduled to go there till the entire passport fiasco played out. In my memory, this is the longest I’ve gone without seeing him – and strangely enough it’s happened in two consecutive years now, 2018, and 2019.

Last time I went to Kenya. This time they’re coming to Ahmedabad.

The only commonality apart from family time: Gujaratis.


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